At Prettibelle, we provide information to moms which includes beauty, health, time management and most importantly balancing your time throughout your day for you and your children. We offer tips on do-it-yourself hair and hair products and nails which can save you both time and money. We also offer styling tips to keep our children beautiful as well.


Our goal is to help moms of all ages feel beautiful about themselves and to possess the confidence we were all created to have. We believe that a mother's influence is great and that no sacrifice is too great or love too abundant...for a mom whose child is life's greatest reward. I know that properly caring for our children takes time and energy and sometimes it leaves little room for what I call "me time".


Having children can make it challenging to have time for yourself and your spouse.  That's why time management is very important.  Rather you work at home or outside the home, meal planning, planning your children's hairstyles and time with them is key.  It will keep your life organized and therefore give you extra time to workout and more important extra time to spend with your spouse.


Having a child with special needs helps me to understand all too well that how you spend your time is important.  Also, I understand that caring for oneself is caring one's children.  You will have more energy, therefore a better outlook and mood.  Take time for yourself as I do, not taking away from your family but giving them a happy healthy mom and leaving the rest to God.


Amy Lynn