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1. I started by gently washing her hair, adding conditioner combing throughout to detangle.

2. Rinse after 5mins, then add leave in conditioner rinsing some out to prevent build-up while gentle ringing the hair out(see photo 16).  Last I add a small amount of styling cream and then a plastic cap(see photo 20) to lock in the moisture.

3. Add moisturizer of your choice and detangling spray if needed.  Then gently part(see photo 21) the hair into sections for braiding.

4. I like to braid the hair into sections to let the hair dry.  It also helps with saving time when I am ready to style later.  The hair is already detangled and moisturized.  I kept the hair braided for several days leading up to the event.  This is a great "Time Management" strategy for someone whos time may be limited.

5. The day of the event I remove the braids, put a light styling cream on her edges(baby hair), gather the hair into 2 pony tails, then gently brush the edges of her hair.  We are able to save time with this step, because the hair is already parted down the middle.

6. After the hair is in 2 pony tails, I put 2 twist on both sides and then pinning the hair with bobby pins.

*On event day, the style only took 10 mins from start to finish, because her hair was prepped with the steps above days in advance.

Pretti Belle